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Communication and corporate activities have been rapidly getting digitized. Groundbreaking progress in telecommunications and sensing technologies has enabled gathering of vast amounts of information. In turn, business and society have access to valuable information at the right time. In addition to these trends, enhancing abilities of computers have enabled artificial intelligence (AI) to outperform human intelligence in some specific fields. We are witnessing developments such as use of air-borne drones equipped with AI and land-based automated vehicles. In short, big data will transform how we live, think and work. We need to pay considerable attention to how the intelligence-equipped systems could be applied effectively to the development of amenities in urban areas and in business environment.
The present "Global ICT Summit 2015", the eighth in a series, is intended to discuss about these trends along with the main subject "City, Business and Society Built by Intelligence". Executives of leading companies and government policy makers will be invited from both inside and outside Japan to the meeting as speakers and discussants.

Title Global ICT Summit 2015 "City, Business and Society Built by Intelligence"
Date June 8 (Mon.) - 9 (Tue.), 2015
Venue Nikkei Hall (Otemachi, Tokyo)
Organizers Nikkei Inc., The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
Admission Admission Free (Pre-registration required)


  • NEC
  • NTT
  • TCS




Nikkei Hall@1-3-7, Otemachi, Chiyodaku, Tokyo, JAPAN

Access map for Nikkei Hall
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