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NIKKEI Inc. will hold "Global ICT Summit 2011", the fourth in a series, in Tokyo on 13th and 14th June 2011. The main subject of the meeting is "ICT for Empowering People's Ties in Rebuilding Japan" to deal with how Japan can rebuild social infrastructure including electric power supply system, and ICT infrastructure to unite people, after the great earthquake inflicting devastating damage on eastern Japan last March. While suffering the damage, people have become aware that social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, were playing key roles in supplying many kinds of information on the earthquake, and significance of communication among suffering people in the disaster area is emphasized than ever. The people are now placing great expectations on ICT as social infrastructure bringing in human linkage, while they are anxious for rebuilding of physical infrastructure such as roads electric supply, and railways.

The present Summit is intended to discuss roles to be played by ICT and policies to be sought hereafter and the like, based on lessons and reflections from the disaster in all, by inviting executive managers of ICT relevant companies and policy makers from both inside and outside Japan.


Secretariat for Global ICT Summit

1-11-16, TAKAMATSU,
TOKYO 171-0042, JAPAN

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